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Effective Writing Tutoring in Santa Rosa,

Writing is often the most challenging of academic tasks. It requires a student to take what they have learned and communicate it in a thoughtful, well-constructed format. This can be a daunting task! Good writing is a useful, necessary skill for clear communication and is an integral part of all academic subjects.

The Writing Process

A large part of being a good writer is understanding structure and organization. Our program will introduce your child to basic paragraph structure, including main ideas, supporting details, and sentence variation. We'll also help students to construct strong topic sentences and thesis statements, which introduce the overall purpose and subject of a piece of writing. Writing also includes pre-writing and organization of thought. We'll help your child take their ideas and brainstorm and organize them into clear writing. Writing a strong essay is very important skill for older children to master. We can show your child what the vital components to a good essay are and offer them the experience in creating a successful writing.

The Editing Process

Editing will take good writing to great writing. Often children want to stop at draft one, but even professional writers will admit that draft one is never good enough. We'll explain the process of more in-depth revision for writing - how to improve the flow, level of detail, and clarity. Then, we'll help children learn to check for common errors such in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It's important to follow through with the editing and revising process as polished writing stands out in school papers, college applications, and job applications.

The Standards

When your child joins One to One for writing tutoring we will determine their writing strengths and weaknesses. Once those are established, we'll work out a tutoring program that will focus on getting their writing skills up to par with school standards. We'll also help your child be more creative and more confident with the writing process.