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Helpful Reading Tutoring in Santa Rosa, California


Reading Tutoring Services

Good reading skills are vital for success in school. Reading and comprehension are necessary for every school subject. If your child is struggling with reading or comprehension, then chances are their other school subjects are at least somewhat difficult for them. By improving reading skills, children can feel more confident about learning and also learn faster. Reading is a fun, necessary skill, and we don't want your child to miss out. We want to help!

Reading is Our Specialty!

The staff at One to One has extensive expertise in teaching reading to all types of learners, including those children with learning differences. We use multi-modality techniques to reach even the most struggling of readers.
We have many areas of focus for reading tutoring:
Sound-Symbol Association: Sound discrimination is the method of learning to read by correlating sounds with letters. Sound discrimination is when we distinguish between phonemes (or the smallest parts of sound in a language) in words. Emergent readers must have a solid sound-symbol association base to move further along in reading.
Blending: Blending is the combination of consonant letters with vowels. Emergent readers must know how to blend (sound-out) words using vowel sounds and consonant blends. If these skills are inconsistent, reading can become a more difficult process.
Syllabication: Breaking words apart and understanding their meanings can be a very effective way to improve reading skills.
Fluency: Fluency is the ability to read smoothly at age-appropriate speed. Students that read too slowly may experience difficulty keeping up in class.
Reading Comprehension: Strong comprehension is vital to gathering information from text, connecting to the written word, and fostering a love for reading. We use visualization techniques, along with comprehension strategies, to help students fully comprehend all different types of written material.
We address all these challenges in a prescriptive manner. We'll help your child get up to school standards in reading.

Meeting with Us

For more detailed information on how we help children improve their reading and retention skills, please give us a call or visit our center. We'll give you all the information you need so you can be sure you're comfortable with our tutoring, our facility and our staff. We look forward to helping your child.