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Learning Evaluations in Santa Rosa, California

When your child is struggling in school, it can be worrisome for you and your child. Sometimes it's difficult to identify what the problem is and how it is affecting your child's academic success. Or it could be that your child's struggle is related to his or her learning style.
Whatever the case, One to One Learning Center will use our assessment protocols to help us to identify the obstacles that are interfering in their academic success. With this information we will develop a prescriptive program for your child's needs.

Evaluation Process

During the assessment process your child will be evaluated with a variety of different protocols that will examine individual skill sets in numerous academic areas and subjects including math, reading, spelling, and writing, along with observations of their auditory and visual processes. Once your child has finished these assessments, the results are shared with the parents and together we help to establish an individualized program for the student.
If your child has academic difficulties due to learning differences, we also make sure our prescribed tutoring solutions take those issues into account. For more detailed information on the evaluation process and how we structure our tutoring programs, contact us today or schedule a consultation.