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Study Skills

Excellent Study Skill Tutoring in Santa Rosa, California

study skills
Tests are stressful! There’s no question about it, proper study preparation is key. However, many students don’t know how to maximize the quality of their studying. Time spent studying is not always a good indicator of how well a child will do on a test. They need to study well. At One to One Learning Center, we provide tutoring on how to improve study skills. This program is helpful and invaluable for children of all ages and allows students to study smarter and score higher.


Note-taking involves more than randomly jotting down dates or phrases a teacher mentions. Students need to be able to sort and organize essential information from what the teacher is sharing. Excellent note taking involves good organization, keeping notes brief while using abbreviations and symbols that can help children increase the speed of note-taking. We teach an array of note-taking techniques during a study skill class or workshop.

Study Sheets

A study sheet, or study guide, can help children consolidate their notes into a focused guide of what to study for a test. Simply compiling all their notes might not be helpful. There could be too much information and that would be difficult to study in preparation for an exam.. A study sheet helps students streamline and focus on the necessary information that is necessary in specific subject areas.

Organization and Planning

It’s vital that students understand how to organize and plan their study time by utilizing notes and other academic materials. They need to understand how organizing their information, will help them to better prepare themselves for class and test situations. Utilizing and learning study techniques and strategies is essential to student success.

Test Taking Strategies

Your child may be very smart and do well in the classroom but find it difficult to perform well on tests. There are numerous strategies involved when it comes to taking different types of tests. At One to One Learning Center, we’ll train your child on useful test taking strategies and how to study smarter while approaching taking different types of test protocols.