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Remediation Programs for Learning Differences

Remediation Programs for Learning Differences in Santa Rosa, California

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School can be very hard and frustrating for kids with learning differences. For a child, adapting to school while dealing with a learning difference can take some time and feel discouraging. At One to One Learning Center, we strive to help children excel in school. We’ll help your child deal with their challenges so they can feel more confident and do well in school.

Remediation Programs

We have a few remediation programs to help children. Take a look.

Multi-sensory Program

Multi-sensory teaching helps a child learn by using more than one sense at once. So if your child is having trouble with reading, the method has children use more than one sense to understand reading concepts.

Visual Processing

For visual processing challenges, we use visualizing/verbalizing techniques. We also help children use visual discrimination and visual memory. Each of these appeals to visual experience and using that helps learning and memory.

Auditory Processing

For auditory challenges, we use the following methods: auditory short-term memory, sequential auditory memory, sound discrimination and sound-symbol association and blending. Each taps into auditory experiences to help with learning and memory.

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Our methods are varied and effective. We work hard to make sure your child will benefit from our methods. We also ensure your child feels safe and confident in each program. If you’d like to know more about our methods, contact us. 
Some methods might work better than others for your child. It’s our aim to find what will help your child the most. We’ll gladly help you understand, in detail, why and how each method could help your child with their learning differences. Call us today.