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Teaching Your Child to Read: The Benefits of Tutoring

Your child has grown up around books. Long before they knew their ABCs, you started reading to them, and you've made trips to the public library a standard in your schedule. When it comes to down to it, you've done everything you can think of to help your child foster the same love of reading that you have. But they don't seem to care.
Maybe it's not that your child doesn't care about books. It's possible that they're struggling to read. When a child isn't having school success and feels left behind or like they can't get over a hurdle, tutoring can help. Your child doesn't have to feel like they're not good enough or like they'll never learn. There are plenty of options to help them get back on track and accomplish their goals.
If you're considering an out-of-school reading tutor, take a look at the ways that this type of educational experience can benefit your child right now and in the future.

One-on-One Instruction

It's easy for a student to get lost in the shuffle. Even the best teacher can find it tricky to manage a classroom full of kids. Chances are that your child isn't the only one in the class who is having some sort of issue. Between academic struggles and behavioral problems, it's likely that your child's teacher is dealing with multiple challenges at one time.
This doesn't mean the teacher is ignoring your child or dismissing their reading difficulties. But it is possible that the teacher doesn't have the time to devote to your child that they need.
Here's where tutoring comes in. Your child needs more attention. They need instruction that goes beyond what they can get in a group of 10, 15, 20 or more. They need one-on-one help. A tutor provides this and can make a major difference in how and what your child learns. When your child is having difficulty, they get all the attention they need.
With a tutor, your child won't get lost in the crowd or feel like they can't ask for the teacher's time. They also have the time to truly get to know, and trust, the tutor. This can create a positive atmosphere for learning and help your child feel like they really can succeed.

Learning Options

Not every child learns in the same way. Reading instruction doesn't come with a one-way approach. There are many different ways to help a child read, and not all of them work well for every student. Tutoring provides your child with the chance to get the type of reading instruction that they need.
The tutor can evaluate your child's challenges and create a plan that meets their needs. Instead of having to do what everyone else is doing, your child gets lessons that are tailored to them. These match their learning style, making it easier for them to learn.
When the instruction meets the child's needs, learning becomes easier. Keep in mind that this doesn't always mean learning becomes easy. Your child may still struggle at times. Every student does. But your child will also continue to learn. They'll overcome obstacles and keep going.

Extra Time

Your child's school day may seem long to them. But when it comes to the amount of content that they need to learn, it really isn't. Between reading, writing, math, social studies, science and everything else that they do in their school day, it's easy to see how your young student may need extra time when they're struggling in one area.
If there isn't enough time in the school day to get the reading instruction that your child needs to succeed academically, tutoring provides an extra opportunity. This allows your child to relax, take their time and feel comfortable as they master new reading tasks.

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