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Help Your Child Succeed - Start the School Year Right

Child Learning
The start of the academic calendar is a vital time of year, for it can often determine how the rest of the school year will go for students. If you have children who are back in school this fall, here are some ways you can help them get off to a good start.
Get an Assessment From Tutors
If your child received any formal instruction over the summer, schedule a meeting with their tutors for either the end of summer or the start of the school year. No one will know more about your child's current academic progress than the people your child has been working with for the past few months. Tutors should be able to tell you:
  • Where your child is currently in reading, math, and other academic subjects
  • What subjects your child has been making progress in
  • What areas your child needs the most help in
  • What study methods have been effective for your child
The last item, figuring out what studying techniques help your child the most, will be particularly useful in school. Those studying methods are just as useful in a classroom setting and when doing homework as they are in a tutored environment.
Leave Time for Tutoring
Even if you don't think your child will need tutoring, leave time in their schedule for tutoring services in case they need them later during the school year. Rather than packing their schedule completely full with music, sports, and other extracurriculars, leave at least one evening or weekend morning free for additional academic help.
You'll be glad you reserved some extra time, regardless of whether your child ever sees a tutor during the set-aside time. If they do need tutoring, the designated time ensures that their schedule will allow for regular meetings. If they don't need tutoring, they can spend the time on enrichment activities or major school projects that teachers assign.
Purchase School Supplies
You'll, of course, have to purchase some new school supplies for the upcoming year. Whether you replace a worn-out backpack or get new notebooks, don't underestimate the importance of shopping for supplies.
Buying supplies not only makes sure your child has what they need to succeed in the coming year, but it also creates a feeling of positivity around school. Shopping together - and letting your child pick out the designs they like - builds excitement, anticipation, and glee.
Create a Routine Schedule
Long-term success in school children depends largely on the schedule that they keep. When kids stay up late at night and don't have specific times to do schoolwork, they're often ill-prepared for the challenges that the year will hold. Some kids also might start out strong, but they'll be worn down by the end of the year.
To make sure your child has a solid foundation that'll last them through the full year, set a routine schedule early on in the start of the year. Determine when bedtime will be and when they will have homework time. You may even want to have breakfast and/or dinner at a certain hour.
Plan for the SAT or ACT
If your child will be taking a college admissions test sometime this academic year, start planning for it when the school year starts. Find out when the tests are offered and select a date when your child will take it. Having a date serves as the basis for developing a preparation plan.
Once you know when your child will be taking a major exam, you can find a tutoring agency that helps students prepare for the exam. Sign up for a class that immediately precedes your chosen test date, and your child will be ready by the day of the exam.
For tutoring services to help your child succeed in school, contact One to One Learning Center.