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6 Ways to Cultivate Your School-Age Child's Appreciation for Reading

Whether your child has been struggling with reading or you simply want your child to develop better reading habits, there are ways you can help. Here are a few ideas to help cultivate a deeper love of reading.

1. Foster Your Child's Interests Through Reading

What are your child's favorite activities, pastimes, and hobbies? Help your child develop a deeper appreciation for reading through something they enjoy. Does your child like sports? If so, there are countless books on the subject geared for school-age kids.
Maybe your son or daughter enjoys video games. Pick up a few strategy guidebooks for a game of interest. Just make certain that the guidebooks you choose have ample writing instruction and not just pictures.
Does your child enjoy collecting coins or stamps? If so, encourage good reading habits by focusing on books about these topics. If your child loves cats, give them an encyclopedia on cat care. You get the idea.

2. Ask Your Child to Read to You

Have your child read you a story. It can be their own original story or one from a favorite book. Listen closely as your child reads. If your child stumbles over a word, then have them sound it out.
Point out any blunders and go over the material yourself by reading it out loud. Ask your child to try again until their reading skills seem to improve. It's a simple method, but it may work to boost your child's reading skills and confidence with reading.

3. Head Over to the Children's Section of Your Local Library

There's no better place to develop reading skills than at the local library. Begin by obtaining a library card for your child and expose them to the countless books available. Have your child check out two books a week and read them. Don't forget the magazines for kids - these also offer lots of good reading.
In addition, there are many programs and activities for children that your child may sign up for that are developed to encourage children to read. For instance, programs for children may include story time with puppets and costumes. Along with the animation, your child may be given a storybook to read along with.

4. Buy Your Child a Digital E-Reader Device

If your child is hesitant about carrying around heavy and bulky books, then the solution is clear. Get your child an e-reader. This device can hold hundreds of digital download e-books of all kinds. They can take a library of content on the go. An e-reader is great for sleepovers, camping, and road trips because it is lightweight and portable. Check out the specially designed e-readers made for children, as these are especially durable.

5. Ask Your Child to Find a Pen Pal

This is a great idea for school-age children who may be struggling with reading. Corresponding with a pen pal far away will encourage your child to read letters. As a bonus, your child will form a new friendship.

6. Leave Messages and To-Do Lists for Your Child

Often times, it's the little things that help encourage good reading habits. Hang a dry-erase whiteboard in your child's room. Every day you might write a short list of things for your child to read. Inject a little humor to keep it light and fun to read.
Leave notes and messages in your child's school lunch box. They will start to look forward to the messages each day. This is another way to encourage reading for your child.
As you can see, there are many ways to encourage your child to read. As a final thought, schedule a meeting and a tour at One To One Learning Center. We can help your child improve their appreciation for reading.